About Harris Crime Prevention

About Harris Crime Prevention Services

What Makes Us Different

Our emphasis is on cost-effective and sustained protection of people, property, information and reputation with enhanced governance, risk management and security resilience. Since 1998, we have provided specialist professional security consulting services across Australia.

Our experience extends across the spectrum of government, business and community sectors.

We have a record of achievement improving security outcomes by delivering innovative designing-out-crime solutions for new and redeveloped projects,, e.g., mixed use, commercial, residential properties, schools, health and public spaces.

Our analysis and recommendations are, sustainable, practical, credible and significantly support and demonstrate commitment to compliance obligations, including duty of care expectations relating to personnel safety.

Our multi-disciplined team of subject matter experts experience and qualifications include criminology, security risk management, crime prevention, designing-out-crime, systems design and WHS. Harris is committed to security thought leadership and providing the best strategic options for our clients. This is evidenced by our engagement in the development of award-winning projects, repeat client engagement and our contribution to the development of security-related Australian Standards.

Meet the Harris Crime Prevention Team

Leon Harris

Leon is Principal of Harris Crime Prevention Services (Harris) and has been a security consultant for over 20 years. His professional interest is in crime prevention for community-based organisations, government and corporate.

Leon’s experience in Crime Prevention Through Environmental design (CPTED) across a range of urban contexts and projects including retail, commercial, residential, entertainment and sports centres, public domain, health and aged care, research facilities, independent schools, university campuses .

His ongoing research and study into crime prevention contributes to the formation of a knowledge base which offers a proven platform for clients to achieve best practice, including standards compliance and accreditation.

Leon was a Standards Australia committee member for the recently republished Standard AS 4485: 2021 parts 1 & 2 Security for health care facilities. He was previously a committee member for AS 4083 Planning for emergencies – Health care facilities.

Leon holds memberships with Research Network for a Secure Australia and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (FAIM).

Geoffrey Harris

Geoff is a senior associate of Harris, has been a security consultant for over 30 years and is the Principal Consultant of Harris Security Management. Projects have included risk assessments, security reviews and audits, security and criminological research, emergency management planning and audits, expert witness reports, security policy and security contract specifications development and crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED).

Geoff provides expert witness evidence in court proceedings involving (criminal and civil) claims of duty of care failure (against property owners/occupiers, security contractors and employers).

Geoff is Executive Director of Protective Security Network (PSN).

He is also a member of a number of respected professional bodies including the Research Network for a Secure Australia, the Risk Management Institution of Australasia and the Insurance Surveyors Discussion Group. Geoff is also a member of a number security and emergency related Australian Standards Committees including ‘Planning for emergencies in facilities’ AS 3745:2010 and amendment, as well as AS/NZS 4421:2011 ‘Guard and Patrol Security Services’.

Don Robertson

Don is a senior associate of Harris. Over a 20 year period at the Western Sydney University he was an Associate Professor in Criminology and Policing and was Director of the University’s Australian Centre for Security Research. Don also developed and managed the WSU’s Bachelor of Policing and courses in aviation and mining security. He has presented at national crime prevention forums convened by NSW Police and other organisations and has participated at UN crime prevention conferences.

Don has researched extensively about the crime prevention dynamics between built form and the public domain. He has worked on crime prevention projects for State and local governments, community and corporate organisations, incorporating CPTED into concept, master planning and design development stages including retail, commercial, mixed-use, residential, entertainment and sports centres, public domain, hospitals, research facilities, independent schools, retirement villages, university campuses.


John Maynard

John Maynard is a crime prevention consultant who has been working in the field for over twenty years, mostly in Local Government. His key area of interest is the relationship between crime and architecture; primarily the interaction between built and natural form and human behaviour in cities and towns.

John’s career employment has included Parramatta, Inner West and City of Sydney Councils, focussing in large part on CPTED planning and implementation. He now works as a consultant providing crime prevention, CPTED advice and training to Government and the private sector.

His consultancy engagements have included projects for Transport for NSW on the Sydney Metro, Wollongong City Council on CBD lighting, Coffs Harbour City Council on their CBD masterplan and problematic public spaces and Liverpool City Council on a new regional park at Leppington and integrating a pocket park in the Liverpool CBD.

John has authored numerous crime prevention and community safety plans and strategies, providing high level security and design advice to several NSW Government agencies, NGOs and the private sector. He authored the Parramatta Crime Prevention Plan 2020-2022.

He is a consultant-lecturer to criminology students at Sydney, UNSW and Western Sydney Universities and has recently developed an on-line CPTED course for Local Government across NSW and regularly provides training to NSW Police and Local Government planners to upskill, streamline and add value to development application processes.