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Security Consultants based in Sydney, Specialists in CPTED and Designing Out Crime.

Security and Crime Prevention

Based in Sydney, Harris Crime Prevention Services are independent specialist security consultants, safer by design consultants and risk assessment consultants for campus environments, e.g Health, Aged Care, Schools, Universities, distribution centres and infrastructure.

With clients across Australia, Harris Crime Prevention Services captures more than 30 years’ consulting experience in security and crime prevention.

We are consultants that specialise in assisting campus-based organisations to achieve best practice in security management and crime prevention. Our approach is to provide holistic and integrated strategies, based on realistic risk assessments and reflecting the characteristics and constraints of the organisation. Our analysis and recommendations consider many important areas including workplace health and safety, environmental management compliance and emergency management.

We are specialists in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Management (CPTEM). We design out crime by using a CPTED + Engineering approach. Projects include shopping centres, mixed use, health, schools, entertainment precincts, wharves. Read more about that here.